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1. Post Relevant Content

• Posts should include content that is relevant to the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas.

2. Each photo post must include the following:

i) Species
ii) Date
iii) Approximate location (city or county only)
iv) Breeding code whenever possible
*Do not use acronyms for species or locations

3. Photo limits

• Only upload ONE photo per post

4. Nests and Sensitive Species

•Do NOT post exact locations of nests or sightings of rare or sensitive species -
this may cause disturbance from increased visitation. Only posts stating city or county level will be accepted
• Do NOT disturb nests, these actions can be detrimental to the wellbeing of the bird and its young.
• Follow the Code of Conduct provided by Project NestWatch (https://www.birdscanada.org/bird-science/project-nestwatch-coc/)

5. No advertisement

• Do not post advertisements, spam, or content from other webpages

6. Be respectful of others

• All interactions among members must be respectful
• No threatening, shaming, or bullying will be tolerated

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