e-bird vs Atlas cod...

e-bird vs Atlas codes  

 Anna Sheppard

I recently realized there are some differences between ebird and the Atlas with respect to the breeding evidence codes. Most notably a list came in with Canada Goose coded as CF (carrying Food, which doesn't apply to CAGO and so it got flagged). That list may have been imported from ebird,  where the atlasser may have thought ebird's FY code was for Fledged Young, as it is in the atlas. But in ebird, FY means Feeding Young. The atlasser should have chosen FL (fledged young in ebird) which would have converted to FY in the atlas. 

Other possible sources of confusion include the following (if i've done my homework right): 

T in the atlas is S7 in ebird

D  in the atlas is T&C in ebird

V in the atlas is N in ebird

B in the atlas is PE in ebird

N in the atlas is B in ebird

The most potential for errors would be when the codes appear in both systems but mean different things (such as N and B and T). If i don't stop and look at the code's associated text, i might choose the wrong letter. 

Since there is no atlas code specifically for when an adult bird is observed feeding young, is it better to say "fledged young" or "carrying Food"? 


Topic starter Posted : 02/09/2021 2:22 pm

Hi Anna,


Yes, this can definitely be a point of confusion! In regards to your question, if you see an adult feeding young, then you could use either the carrying food (CF) or the fledged young (FY) codes, but whenever you have a situation where more than one code can apply, you always use the "higher" code (i.e. the one furthest down the list, https://www.birdsontario.org/breeding-codes/ ), which in this case is the CF code.



Posted : 02/09/2021 9:58 pm

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