Duplicate Checklists  

 Wendy Hill

I noticed on July 1 that after submitting a NatureCounts checklist on my Android, the checklist showed up twice... each with a different Checklist ID number (oddly they were not consecutive numbers but 6 digits apart). Both lists were automatically pushed to eBird. I had forgotten about this until recently another Atlasser in our Region had the same thing happen to 2 back-to-back checklists... each was duplicated with consecutive ID numbers. He was also using the Android App and pushed automatically to eBird. 

Presumably a blip in the system? Should we leave the duplicate list or delete it? 


Topic starter Posted : 15/07/2021 4:57 pm

If you're sure it's truly a duplicate, then go ahead and delete one version. It'd be helpful if you can copy the checklist ID before you delete it and report it via the app feedback form though so the issue can be tracked. 

I've had it happen to me too, and at least a couple times I'm pretty sure it was because I accidentally pushed the submit button on the app a second time while it was in the process of submitting. It might also be happening when you have poor data connection and it submits the checklist but the connection is so bad that it doesn't get confirmation from the server that it was submitted so also saves it as a draft which you later submit.

-Mike Burrell

Posted : 15/07/2021 5:12 pm

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