Nature counts app continually says I'm offline  

 Ellen L. Horak

Both of us have downloaded the App to our phones and have put in a few checklists today but every time we hit submit we get "you are offline".  I am on wifi at home, and I have Naturecounts enabled under my celluar data and to no avail.  Still the "you are offline".  I have powered down phone, still changes nothing.

I noticed that under reviews of the App this is mentioned as an issue - Any help out there?  If I delete the App will I lose the drafts already there?

Topic starter Posted : 28/04/2021 3:28 pm

Hi Ellen,

I'm not really able to help, but for bug reports like this it's best if you can email the details in to the atlas office so they can send the feedback on to the app developers. Please send the details to and be sure to include as much details as possible including the steps you take to create the issue, the version of the app you're using, and the operating system of your device (i.e. Android or Apple). 


You could try reinstalling the app (uninstall and then install) but note you will lose any unsubmitted draft checklists if you do so, so I'd recommend copying the contents to a notebook or straight into the web data entry before you do that.



Posted : 28/04/2021 4:04 pm

Hi Ellen and Mike! 

You are not alone, I have received a few reports of individuals with the same issue. Others have tried turning their phones off, and back on again but the issue has still been present. We have notified the App developers and will be able to give more information once it becomes available!



Posted : 29/04/2021 9:21 am

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