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moving ebird lists to Nature Counts  

 Anna Sheppard

I occasionally have a list on ebird that i'd like to push over to Nature Counts. Where can I find the instructions on how to do that? 

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Hi Anna,

There are written instructions in Appendix I (eBird and the atlas) of the instructions:

We have a video on the Atlas-3 YouTube channel, found under the tutorials playlist:

(note: if you ever are looking for the Atlas-3 YouTube channel you can find a link on the Atlas homepage near the bottom left where there are links to Atlas-3 YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts)

Here's a quick explanation (copied from Appendix I) of how to import an eBird list:

  1. Go to eBird and get the checklist ID (To find it, open the eBird checklist and it will appear in two locations: right above the date, near the top-left corner it should say “Checklist” followed by the ID in the format “S########”. It also appears at the end of the URL (web address) in your web browser. Copy the checklist ID.)
  2. Then head to the Atlas submit page and click the “Import from eBird” button. If you’ve already linked your eBird account, the window that pops up should have your eBird login and eBird password prefilled, so you just need to fill in the eBird checklist ID and then click “Import from eBird”
  3. Once the eBird checklist import has completed, you’ll be taken through the normal data entry process, but all the information should be copied from eBird. Double-check everything, fill in any missing information (e.g. pin-point locations of unusual species, draw your area search), and check any data warnings (e.g. breeding code warnings, requests for details for significant species). Once you’ve finished, be sure to submit the list.

Please note that eBird checklists with track logs which cross square boundaries will require you to edit the track log before they can be imported to the atlas (for obvious reasons!). 

A couple tips when working with eBird lists:

  • Once you have imported an eBird checklist to the atlas, there should be a link on the atlas checklist with a link to the eBird checklist so you can easily jump to it.
  • Once you have imported an eBird checklist to the atlas, if you make changes to the atlas checklist those changes will automatically go back to your eBird checklist (unless you turn off the eBird exports setting in your NatureCounts profile)
  • If you try to import an eBird checklist that you have already imported to the atlas, it won't create a duplicate atlas checklist. Instead it will update the atlas checklist, so be careful when you do that - if you've made any changes to the atlas version that haven't been saved to the eBird version, then those updates will get over-written.
  • Once you have imported an eBird checklist to the atlas, it will add some text to the eBird checklist comments like "NatureCounts - Breeding Bird Atlas" so that's a handy way to know which checklists you've already imported (if you have a lot of eBird data, you could download your data [on the "my eBird", found near the bottom of the left margin] and sort on the checklist comments field to help identify eBird checklists you haven't yet imported.
  • If you're looking to see which atlas checklists have been shared with your eBird account, you can go to "View data forms" under the "Explore" menu to see a list of your atlas checklists, and there will be an eBird icon beside each list that is shared with eBird. (Note to regional coordinators: you'll see other people's atlas checklists in this screen too, but atlassers only see their own).
  • You can adjust your eBird checklist sharing settings for the atlas in your NatureCounts profile:
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