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Boreal Shield - General Regional Observations

 Roxane Filion

June is here already- Happy peak breeding season to all! Just sharing a few personal observations from the Timmins area in the Boreal Shield's Region 41. We saw our first Canada Geese fledglings here during the last week of May (as we watched the last hundreds of CANG migrating overhead) - and some waterfowl ducklings were swimming around a bit earlier than usual (migrant waterfowl didn't linger like they usually do - our lakes and rivers opened up significantly earlier than usual - so we saw many who seemed paired up before their "safe date"). Other than common breeders whose fledglings can now be heard begging from the nests (BCCH, HAWO,...), a few other songbirds have been observed nest building last week (AMRE, PHVI...) and others are signing on territory- It was an early spring (like everywhere!). Bobolinks are here signing and displaying in a few agricultural fields near Timmins. What have you been noticing in other parts of the Boreal Shield?

Topic starter Posted : 01/06/2021 11:07 am

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