Discussion Group Rules:

1. Post Relevant Content

• Posts should include content that is relevant to the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas.

2. Each photo post must include the following:

i) Species
ii) Date
iii) Approximate location (city or county only)
iv) Breeding code whenever possible
*Do not use acronyms for species or locations

3. Photo limits

• Only upload ONE photo per post

4. Nests and Sensitive Species

•Do NOT post exact locations of nests or sightings of rare or sensitive species -
this may cause disturbance from increased visitation. Only posts stating city or county level will be accepted
• Do NOT disturb nests, these actions can be detrimental to the wellbeing of the bird and its young.
• Follow the Code of Conduct provided by Project NestWatch (https://www.birdscanada.org/bird-science/project-nestwatch-coc/)

5. No advertisement

• Do not post advertisements, spam, or content from other webpages

6. Be respectful of others

• All interactions among members must be respectful
• No threatening, shaming, or bullying will be tolerated

Posts will not be approved by moderators if they do not follow the Discussion Group Rules

Technical questions

Technical questions
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Using the Forum

a place to discuss how to use the forum

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Forum login?

Data entry (website)

ask for help with doing data entry on the website

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Website does not all...

Data Entry (app)

Do you have a question about how to use the app? You're in the right place! Please have a look here for previous questions that may help, or pose a new question below. Are you encountering an unexpected behavior when using the app? If things aren't working like you expect them to, then please use the online reporting form (Under the 'Get Involved' drop-down menu, titled 'App Feedback'). Include as much information as possible including the steps you take to recreate the issue, what operating system you’re using, and the version of the app you have installed. Many issues are resolved with a restart of your phone or a fresh install of the app (NOTE: you’ll lose any unsubmitted drafts if you uninstall the app). Bug reports here with minimal details will be commented on and closed.

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Duplicate Checklists

Data exploration (website)

people can ask for help exploring the data on the website, including maps and spatial data

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Atlas digital mappin...


discussion/questions about the intersection of atlas and eBird and how the data flows back and forth

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moving ebird lists t...

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