Atlas-3 Northern Trips

One of our main priorities is to repeat atlas work done in Atlas-2, from 2001-05, covering the same squares and even a lot of the same point counts. This will primarily involve teams of four people canoeing northern rivers, especially those that pass through the Hudson Bay Lowlands. We are working to subsidize the cost of these trips.
The table and map below show nine of the trips we are hoping to run in 2022 and beyond. A more comprehensive list will be available later this fall. All of the 100-kilometre blocks in northern Ontario must be adequately covered by the end of 2025.

For the nine trips listed below, at least two people in each team of four need to be expert birders capable of doing point counts in remote northern Ontario. And all four need to be experienced campers and canoeists able to work safely in remote wilderness conditions. The trips vary in length from 10 to 17 days on the river, plus time getting to and from the north. Trips will run between mid-June and early July to be at the peak of breeding bird activity.

If you are interested in participating in any of these trips for Atlas-3 — or you have other remote atlassing trips in mind — please complete the remote northern atlassing application form providing information about yourself and a trip you would like to do. We will get back in touch with you with the goal of getting as many trips as possible going for 2022 and beyond. We have drafted the Northern Atlassing Manual to give you an idea of what northern atlassing entails.

Trip #   
Target Blocks   
Suggested Itinerary (based on Atlas-2)   
Length of trip (canoe portion)
1 15VV, 15WV Opasquia Provincial Park Drive to Vermillion Bay, float-plane to Opasquia Provincial park and back, then drive home. 12 days
2 16DF, 16DG Fawn and Severn Rivers Drive to Sioux Lookout, float-plane to Fawn River, canoe down Fawn River, then Severn River, commercial flight from Fort Severn to Sioux Lookout, drive home. 17 days
3 15XA, 15XB Sachigo River (Upper) Drive to Nakina, float-plane to upper Sachigo River, canoe downstream, float-plane back out, then drive home. 15 days
4 16CF, 16CG Sachigo River (Lower) This trip will be paired with the upper Sachigo Trip. The pick-up flight for the upper trip will bring in the crew for the lower Sachigo trip. 12 days
5 16FC, 16FD Missisa Lake and River Drive to Hearst, float-plane to Missisa Lake, paddle to Attawapiskat River, float-plane to Hearst, drive home. 10 days
6 17LT, 17MT Albany River Drive to Hearst, float-plane to Albany River, paddle 150 km to Fort Albany, commercial flight to Moosonee, train to Hearst, drive home. 15 days
7 17MS, 17NS Moose River Drive to Cochrane, train to Moose River, paddle to Moosonee, train back to Cochrane, then drive home. 10 days
8 16DB, 16DC Upper Albany River Drive to Nakina, float-plane to Fort Hope, paddle downstream, float-plane from Washi Lake to Nakina, then drive home. 10 days
9 16DD, 16DE Upper Winisk River Train to Thunder Bay, commercial flight to Webequie, paddle the upper Winisk River, float-plane to Hearst, train home. May link this trip to a lower Winisk trip. 15 days

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