Participating in Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas-3 during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated December 2020

The effect of COVID-19 across Ontario necessitates that participants follow current COVID-19 safety guidelines at all times while atlassing. By following the guidelines you protect yourself and others. It is particularly important that we (i.e., all atlas participants) do not cause an increased COVID-19 risk for any vulnerable communities or individuals.

Atlas participants should adhere to all COVID-19 safety guidelines and restrictions mandated by the provincial and local authorities, including Indigenous communities, in their atlas region. If there is a discrepancy between local and provincial guidelines, atlassers should follow the more stringent guidance.

Prior to travelling or conducting atlassing where you will be in contact with other people, businesses, or workers, please review the Ministry of Health Screening Tool to ensure you are not putting others at risk.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines:

  • Remember that you must be in compliance with provincial guidance, your local health authority, or any other health authority regions to which (or through which) you plan to travel. Please comply with any provincial direction regarding inter-region travel.
  • Prior to your atlassing trip, please check current guidelines with the appropriate local health authority, or any area through which you may be travelling.
  • In addition to obtaining the necessary permissions, check to be sure you will meet safety protocols if you plan to survey on private or protected lands, including land trusts, federal or provincial parks, Indigenous lands, or conservation areas.
  • Remember, your safety and that of others is the priority. If you feel unsafe, don’t survey.

Additional Considerations for Surveying Outside Your Atlas Region During COVID-19:

  • Have you taken the daily COVID-19 Self Assessment prior to travel and followed the instructions provided by the assessment?
  • Prior to arrival, have you confirmed you have all the latest updates on local regulations and self-isolation rules for the communities you will travel to?
  • Have you confirmed that your travel accommodations (i.e., hotel, campground, crown land) are open to the public and will be able to provide the amenities you expect?
  • Do you have appropriate and sufficient protective equipment and sanitizers?

Additional Considerations for Organizing Atlas Events During COVID-19:

  • The Atlas partners strongly recommend that you consider virtual events until further notice. Follow all government regulations in your area regarding events. Anticipate that there will be restrictions on gatherings during the Atlas and that provincial and local health restrictions can change quickly.
  • For more information regarding events see the Ontario Guidelines regarding gatherings.
  • Keep in mind that event safety is the responsibility of the organizer.
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