Information for Indigenous communities wanting to get involved with Atlas-3

Knowledge and care for the land all and its inhabitants are values and interests that we all share. Participating together in surveying Ontario’s birds is a great way to gather the information needed to conserve and care for what we value. Would you and your community like to learn more about the Atlas? Would you consider becoming involved? Please see the links below for more information or reach out to the Two-eyed Seeing project’s Indigenous Community Liaison for your area:

Ontario South – Emily Morris, (interim)

Ontario North – Sharon Kimberley,

Atlas-3 Resources

A variety of resources to learn more about Atlas-3

Communication toolkit

Tools to help engage your community in Atlas-3

Two-Eyed Seeing Project

More information about the Two-Eyed Seeing to Share Knowledge of Ontario’s Breeding Bird Atlas (Atlas-3)

Regional Coordinator contact

Map of the 47 Ontario Atlas regions, and a list of the Regional Coordinators who organize atlassing within them

Frequently asked questions

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