Point Counts

Point Counts are standardized stationary surveys that are especially important for estimating abundance. Atlas-2 was the first Atlas in North American to employ point counts as part of its methodology and they are again playing an important role in Atlas-3.

Traditional Point Counts

If you are able to identify most of the species in your square by sight and song and you can still hear all of the species expected in your region, including those with high frequency songs, you should be able to do traditional point counts.

Digital Point Counts

If you are not yet comfortable identifying most species by sound, you can also help by using a digital recorder to make point counts, which will later be interpreted by more experienced birders.

Find out more about conducting Digital Point Counts


PC Manual June 2021
PC Appendices


Download the Point Count Manual here. (Updated June 2021)


Download the Point Count Appendices here. (Updated June 2021)

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