Atlas Staff

Atlas Coordinator

Mike Cadman – I love Breeding Bird Atlases. Having coordinated the first two Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas projects, I’m thrilled and excited to be coordinating Atlas-3. My first recollection of an interest in birds was, when I was 5 years old and attending my first professional soccer game (in England), watching Rock Pigeons doing their fascinating mating displays in the rafters over the heads of my uncle and I. He wasn’t too happy that I was watching the birds rather than the game – but he’d probably be happy to know that these two activities (soccer and birding) remain a big part of my life. It’s wonderful to see how atlassing has developed in Ontario, across Canada and around the world. The new innovations being introduced for Atlas-3 are making it easier for volunteers to take part and increasing the value of the data. Really looking forward to seeing how the Atlas works out – and who will win the 2022 World Cup!

Assistant Coordinator

Kaelyn Bumelis – I have always been drawn to the outdoors. However, my introduction to avian research was as a wildlife technician studying aerial insectivores during the summers of my Undergraduate studies. This led me to pursue a Master of Science in Biology at Western University studying niche segregation among sympatric Barn, Cliff, and Tree swallows. Being immersed in bird research encouraged me to pursue a higher degree of bird identification knowledge, and also fostered my love of bird watching. This will be my first ever Breeding Bird Atlas – I am looking forward to being a part of such a widespread, collaborative project. I feel extremely fortunate to work alongside the dedicated volunteers, collaborators, and staff towards our shared goal of bird conservation.

Project Staff

Patrick Gilhooly – I love all things nature. My father introduced me to the birding world at an early age with our trip to Point Pelee National Park being the most memorable of my childhood. My background and career is diverse but has not always involved birds. I completed a Master of Science in Ecology at the University of Alberta studying train-caused grizzly bear mortality in Banff and Yoho National Parks. One thing led to another, and here I am helping with my first Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas! I feel privileged to be a part of such a large and collaborative bird conservation project. I look forward to working with others to help make Ontario’s third Breeding Bird Atlas another success.
Monica Fromberger – Having been interested in birds ever since I can remember, I’m thrilled to be assisting with Atlas-3! My love of nature and birds has shaped much of my life, from completing ornithology courses during an undergraduate degree, to completing a Master of Science at Trent University studying Bobolink nest success. I have also helped monitor Semipalmated Plovers in the Subarctic, Piping Plovers along Lake Ontario, and banded Northern Saw-whet Owls in the Kawarthas. As a self-proclaimed bird-nerd I am excited to connect and collaborate with other birders and nature-lovers alike on such an important project that helps guide bird conservation efforts.
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