Frequently Asked Questions

I work for an Indigenous community. Who should I contact to request data from previous atlases?

Data from Atlas-1 (1981-1985) and Atlas-2 (2001-2005) can be downloaded from: the NatureCounts web portal. Contact the Atlas office ( if you need more information.

What are some ways Indigenous communities and Atlas-3 could work together?

  • A member of the Atlas management team or Indigenous Engagement Committee would be delighted to discuss the Atlas project with your community to explore possible ways of working together.
  • Learning and understanding is important and ongoing. Ideas and suggestions are most welcome. To help get a conversation started, we offer a few potential ways to be involved in the Atlas:
    • Participating in an Atlas committee or working group to provide advice and guidance on key atlas decisions.
    • Liaising between your community and the Atlas, and establishing and facilitating communication between the Atlas and your community.
    • Using your knowledge of birds and their songs to survey birds and to gather evidence of bird breeding.
    • Placing acoustic recorders in remote sites to record bird songs and recovering them after several weeks.
    • Participating in efforts to identify the songs of the species recorded by the acoustic recorders.
    • Organizing and presenting at community gatherings to share traditional ecological knowledge, local and science knowledge.
    • Guiding an atlas expedition into remote traditional territories.
    • Following Atlas social media to stay up to date on progress and information about your area.
    • Participating in training opportunities to enhance bird identification and atlassing skills.

Who do I contact if I am working for an Indigenous Nation or organization and we would like to get more involved in the atlas?

Martina Albert – Indigenous Community Liaison (South) <>

Sharon Kimberley – Indigenous Community Liaison (North) <>

How do I join the Indigenous Engagement Committee?

You can contact the Indigenous Engagement Committee Co-Chairs, Russ Weeber and Ted Cheskey

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